Soccer – Simulation 2D

The RoboCup Soccer Simulation 2D is one of the oldest of the RoboCup Soccer competitions. It is based on the RoboCup Soccer Simulator that enables two teams of 11 simulated autonomous robots plus an autonomous coach agent to play a game of soccer with very realistic rules and game play. Due to its stability the RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a very good research and educational tool for multiagent systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

1)  Rules

RoboCup Soccer Simulation 2D Rule (2020)

2) Documents to be submitted when registering online by 21 Aug 2020

3) Registration and Payment

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4) RCAP Influencer Award

Virtual RCAP 2020 participating teams whose presentation videos are featured on the RCAP Academy Official YouTube Channel ( are eligible for the RCAP Influencer Award.

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