RCJ Rescue Maze

A disaster has occurred and it is too dangerous for human to enter. A Rescue mission is necessary. A fully autonomous robot needs to be sent into the hazardous maze to locate heated victims so that the humans know where they are. A rescue package needs to be dropped for the humans that will locate them and keep them alive, ‘water’ etc (note: simulated).

In Virtual RCAP 2020, there will not be actual onsite competition.

1) Team Size

Number of members per team: 1 – 4

2) Team Members

    • All members are 19 or below.

3) Sub-Leagues

  • Maze
    • No age group

4) Rules

The RCJ Rescue Maze:


5) Timeline

  • 21 Aug 2020 – Deadline for online registration
  • 18  21 Sept 2020 – Deadline for TDP, PPT and video presentation submission (Please upload your video onto preferred cloud storage and use shareable link to fill the Google form: https://forms.gle/4WX129xEeawVbBeC7)
  • 30 Sept 2020 – Announcement of finalists
  • 8  1 Oct 2020 – Videos selected by OC to be featured on RCAP Academy Official YouTube Channel
  • 11 Oct 2020 – Award presentation

6) Documents to be submitted when registering online by 23 Aug 2020

7) Documents to be submitted by 18 Sept 2020

8) Registration and Payment

Click here for registration

9) RCAP Influencer Award

Virtual RCAP 2020 participating teams whose presentation videos are featured on the RCAP Academy Official YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/RCAPacademy) are eligible for the RCAP Influencer Award.

10) Contact: junior_RescueOC@robocupap.org